CA Residency Process

This is very important. In addition to the tuition and fees paid by California residents, out-of-state and international students are required to pay non-resident supplemental tuition (NRST).

After out-of-state students who are US citizens have lived in California for a year, they may apply to be considered a resident for tuition purposes.  They must provide evidence of a continuous physical presence in California and the intent to make California their permanent home. If you intend to establish residency in California, obtain information regarding the requirements for your particular case immediately upon arrival so you can take the steps needed to qualify, and begin compiling the appropriate documentation.

Residency determinations are made by the Residence Deputy. Information on requirements and timelines can be found in the UCD General Catalog and in other publications available from the Residence Deputy:

Contact the Residence Deputy in the Office of the Registrar, University of California, Davis, 12 Mrak Hall, (530) 752-0879.