Capstone & Thesis Projects

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Remote Sensing Application for Agriculture: A Feasibility Study (pdf)
By Austin Cross

The Case for Open Data in Agricultural Science (pdf)
By Erin Havens

The Evaluation of the Agritourism Picking Garden in Jiaokou, China (pdf)
By Hongsheng Ge 2018

Determinants of Farmers’ Willingness: An Analysis of Participation in Taiwan’s Direct Payment Program in Rice (pdf)
By Ai-Lin Chen 2018

Food System Innovations: Building Safe Vegetable Supply Chains Into Traditional Markets in Vietnam (pdf)
By Alejandra Sanchez 2018

Thesis: Weed Removal Efficacy and Labor Implications of an Intelligent Cultivator in Vegetable Crops Marked with Machine Vision Detectable Signals (pdf)
By HannahJoy Kennedy 2018

Thesis: Gender and Meaningful Participation: An Intersectional Analysis of Gender in a Participatory, Small-scale Irrigation Project in Eastern Uganda (pdf)
By Julia Jordan 2018

Sharing Knowledge for Rural Development in the Republic of Georgia (pdf)
By Bilkis Bharucha 2018

Participatory Approach for Model-Based Decision Support System Development with Ugandan Smallholder Farmers (pdf)
By Mariah Coley 2018

Efficiency Indicators of Smallholder Farming Systems in the Central Highlands of Vietnam and Northeast Cambodia (pdf)
By Jamey Smith 2018

The Agronomic and Economic Costs and Benefits of Cassava Cropping Systems in Northern Viet Nam (pdf)
By Leah Puro 2018

Dietary Diversity and Pattern Estimation in Ethiopia (pdf)
By Yao Guan 2017

Thesis: Gendered Impacts of Conservation Practices for Vegetable Production: A Case Study of Four Communities in Nepal (pdf)
By Laina Schnider 2017

Dietary Diversity and Pattern Estimation in Ethiopia (pdf)
By Yao Guan 2017

Does it Measure Up? Common Food Security Metrics and their Potential for Local NGO Learning (pdf)
By Elyssa Lewis 2017

Agricultural development through small-scale fruit production in Nepal (pdf)
By Jonathan Yates 2017

Improving Project Management in International Development: A Thorough Evaluation of the IAD 203 Project Planning and Evaluation Core Course (pdf)
By Kaitlyn (Bucky) Le Baudour 2017

Towards a better understanding of the impacts of large irrigation projects: A proposal for evaluation indicators (pdf)
By Cristian Jordan Diaz 2017

Effects of Soil Fertility on the Incidence and Severity of Coffee Leaf Rust (pdf)
By Kate Polakiewicz 2017

Cassava and Sweet Potato Cropping Practices and Farmer Communication Networks in Quang Binh Province, Vietnam (pdf)
By Katherine Wilkins 2017

Leveraging migration for economic and social development: a case study in Nepal (pdf)
By Laura Reynolds 2017

Research on Women’s Empowerment and Participation in Farmer Groups, Savings and Internal Lending Communities, and
Nutrition Groups (pdf)
By Elizabeth Hohenberger 2017

Case Study: D-Map (pdf)
By Paula Balbontin 2017

Becoming an Organic Producer: A Research Study on Barriers and Challenges Faced by Procedures in Mexico During the Transition to Organic Production (pdf)
By Rodrigo Bonilla 2017

An Analysis of Value-added Roselle Production Systems Based on Farmer Groups Near Rongo, Kenya (pdf)
By Michael Wallace  2017

Thesis: Rethinking innovation and diffusion theory in international agricultural development: Critical active smallholder participation in sustainable and equitable innovation systems (pdf)
By Katherine Hoeberling 2016

Thesis: Conservation of Ifugao Values (pdf)
By Hanyuan Jiang 2016

Thesis: The Last Ranches at the End of the World:Changing Land Use Systems in Southern Chile (pdf)
By Andria Hautamaki 2016

Thesis: Assessing Almond Grower' Nutritional Programs (pdf)
By Sara Lopus 2016