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Students' Projects in International Agricultural Development:

How to Share a new project:

  1. Zoom in and go to the city, region or community where you worked or are currently working in agricultural development (the more specific the better).

  2. Create a new Pin: Click on the plus.png  icon (top right corner on the map) and tell us more about your work abroad.

  3. One New Pin = One New Project.

  4. Choose the category that best explains your project (nutrition, soils, etc.).

For questions or new ideas, please contact D-Map Reps iaddmap@ucdavis.edu

D-Map is an online interactive map for the IAD Community. 

Use D-Map to share your work in agricultural development and learn more from others experiences.

Are you an IAD Student?

> Learn from others' experiences before traveling abroad.

> Find out where IADs are working or have worked in agricultural development. 

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Are you an IAD Alumni? 

We miss you! Stay in touch with the group. Share your work and previous experience in agricultural development.