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Agricultural and Resource Economics Faculty Listing and Current Interests

Steve Boucher
Microeconomics of agricultural development, rural credit markets, agrarian contracts, economics of information and uncertainty
530-752-1527; boucher@primal.ucdavis.edu
Geographies of Interest:  Guatemala, Peru, Africa

Colin A. Carter
International trade; and, commodity markets
530-752-6054; cacarter@ucdavis.edu
Geographies of Interest:  China, Southeast Asia

Michael R. Carter
Development economics, econometrics and labor economics, political economy
530-752-4672; mrcarter@ucdavis.edu
Geographies of Interest: South Africa, Chile, Peru

Rachael Goodhue
Agricultural marketing and organization, industrial organization, contracting
530-754-7812; goodhue@primal.ucdavis.edu
Geographies of Interest:  sub-Saharan Africa, France

Richard D. Green
Econometrics; demand analysis; advertising and promotion
530-752-1534; green@primal.ucdavis.edu
Geographies of Interest:

Lovell S. Jarvis
Economic and agricultural development; international trade and agricultural policy; livestock economics; Latin American economic development
530-752-0110; lsjarvis@ucdavis.edu
Geographies of Interest:  Latin America - especially Argentina, Brazil, Chile and Uruguay

Katrina Jessoe
Environmental and natural resource economics as it relates to health, development and regulation
(530) 752-6977; katrina@primal.ucdavis.edu
Geographies of interest:  India

Kristin Kiesel
Economics of food consumption, Marketing, Supply chain management
Geographies of Interest: U.S., Europe, Vietnam

Travis Lybbert
Economic development, poverty dynamics, risk and uncertainty, technology transfer and adoption, intellectual property, environment and biodiversity
530-554-1393; tlybbert@ucdavis.edu
Geographies of Interest:  East Africa and Haiti

Richard J. Sexton
Imperfect competition; agricultural cooperatives, agricultural markets, value-added crops 
530-752-4428; sexton@primal.ucdavis.edu
Countries of Interest:

Daniel A. Sumner
Agricultural economic policy; food security policy; international trade
530-752-5002; dasumner@ucdavis.edu
Geographies of Interest:  China, Korea, and Mexico

J. Edward Taylor
Development economics; population and development; applied microeconomics
530-752-0213; taylor@primal.ucdavis.edu
Geographies of Interest:  Mexico and Central America, China, and Sub-Saharan Africa

Stephen A. Vosti
Tropical Deforestation, Economic Development, Poverty-Environment Links, Bioeconomic Models, Environmental and Natural Resource Economics, Economics of Early Childhood Undernutrition
530-752-8097; vosti@ucdavis.edu


Animal Science Faculty Listing and Current Interests


James D. Fadel
Food and feed evaluation, especially the effects of processing on carbohydrate (especially fiber) digestibility; effects of compositional variability and nutrient utilization; mathematical and statistical applications in nutrition and management; uses in vitro, in vivo, and modeling techniques to research goals
530-752-1259; jgfadel@ucdavis.edu
Geographies of Interest:  No specific country

Jackson Gross
Marine and Freshwater Aquaculture, Aquaponics, Invasive Species Management
530-752-2978; jagross@ucdavis.edu
Geographies of Interest:  Caribbean, Bhutan

Russell C. Hovey
The molecular and endocrine regulation of mammary gland growth and function as it relates to processes ranging from normal development and lactation to abnormal states such as breast cancer. Particularly interested in the function of the pituitary and ovarian hormones in these processes and how they interactively regulate both mammary epithelial and stromal cells, dairy production, lactation physiology
530-752-1682; rchovey@ucdavis.edu
Geographies of Interest:  No specific country

Ermias Kebreab
Sustainable agriculture; climate change
530-752-5907; ekebreab@ucdavis.edu
Geographies of Interest:  Southeast Asia, South America, Africa

Dietmar Kueltz
Physiological genomics
530-752-2991; dkueltz@ucdavis.edu
Geographies  of Interest: Central and South America, Africa, Southeast Asia, Australia

James Oltjen
Computer decision support software; beef quality assurance; standardized performance analysis for cattle and sheep ranches. Animal management systems; resource use in animal agriculture; beef cattle growth
530-752-5650; jwoltjen@ucdavis.edu
Geographies of Interest: Brazil, Paraguay, New Zealand, Australia, Spain, Italy, France

Roberto D. Sainz
Ruminant nutrition; beef cattle growth and body composition; tropical production systems; systems analysis
530-752-0526; rdsainz@ucdavis.edu
Geographies of Interest:  Latin America (especially Brazil)

Richard A. Zinn
Feedlot and dairy cattle nutrition and management
Desert Research Center; El Centro, CA  92243
760-356-3068; razinn@ucdavis.edu
Geographies of Interest:  Latin America



Faculty Listing and Current Interests

Fadi Fathallah
Agricultural ergonomics; human factors; occupational musculoskeletal disorders; occupational biomechanics
530-752-1612; fathallah@ucdavis.edu
Countries of interest: Brazil, Egypt, India, Lebanon

Bryan M. Jenkins
Energy systems; power generation; biomass thermochemical conservation, harvesting, handling; environmental impacts
530-752-1422; bmjenkins@ucdavis.edu
Geographies of Interest:  India, Mexico, and the Philippines

Kurt L. Kornbluth
Biological and Agricultural Engineering; Founder and Director, PIET/D-Lab
Geographies of Interest: Zambia, Honduras, Uganda, Nigeria, Ghana, Thailand, Denmark, Germany

Ruihong Zhang
Bioenvironmental engineering with the focus on organic waste management and air quality control.
530-754-9530; rhzhang@ucdavis.edu
Geographies of Interest: 


Faculty Listing and Current Interests


Jay R. Lund
Water, environmental, and infrastructure problems; operations research; systems analysis; applied resource economics
530-752-5671; jrlund@ucdavis.edu
Countries of Interest:

Maureen Njoki Kinyua
ivestock, human, and solid waste treatment and nutrient and energy recovery for communities, especially those in developing countries. Waste to energy, developing world systems, and global health.
530-752-7857; mnkinyua@ucdavis.edu
Countries of Interest:


Faculty Listing and Current Interests

Heidi Ballard
Environmental Education; Citizen science; Participatory Action Research; In-service and preservice teacher learning; Science Education; Secondary Education; Service-learning. For more information.
530-754 6255; hballard@ucdavis.edu
Countries of Interest:

Cary J. Trexler
Agricultural education, agri-food system literacy; service-learning; secondary education; science education; technology in science; technology in teaching and learning
530-752-2623; cjtrexler@ucdavis.edu
Countries of Interest:  Vietnam



Howard Ferris
Soil ecology; decomposition and nutrient cycling; contribution of nematodes to the structure and function of the soil food web; population biology and population assessment of soil nematodes; integrated pest management
530-752-8432; hferris@ucdavis.edu
Countries of Interest:  Japan, The Netherlands, Korea, Russia, China

Christian Nansen
Insect ecology and management, remote sensing.
530-752-2728, 530-752-2954; chrnansen@ucdavis.edu
Research experience in: Brazil, Benin, Niger, Ghana, China, Australia, Portugal, England.
Languages: Danish, English, Portuguese, French.


Faculty Listing and Current Interests

Robert J. Hijmans
Ecological modeling, geo-informatics, agricultural geography, biodiversity conservation, climate change.
530-752-6555; rhijmans@ucdavis.edu
Countries of interest: The Netherlands, South America, South Asia, Africa

Joshua Viers
Watershed science and ecosystems processes, geospatial analysis, biodiversity conservation, ecosystem services, viticulture
530-341-3367; jhviers@ucdavis.edu
Countries of Interest: Chile, Costa Rica, Mexico, New Zealand, South Africa, USA


Faculty Listing and Current Interests


Glenn Young
Researchers how significant foodborne pathogens cause diseases in humans and how these pathogens survive in the environment
530-754-5292; gmyoung@ucdavis.edu
Countries of interest:  Thailand


Diana K. Davis
Arid Lands, Political Ecology of Development, Pastoral Societies, Colonialism, Environmental History, Gender, Public Health and Ethnoveterinary Medicine.
Countries of Interest:  All countries/regions with Drylands, Middle East and North Africa including Afghanistan

Corrie Decker
Twentieth-century social and cultural history of East Africa, history of childhood and youth, education, gender and sexuality, colonialism, Islam, development.
530-754-1639; crdecker@ucdavis.edu
Countries of Interest: East Africa



Faculty Listing and Current Interests


Clare Cannon
Environmental Justice; Gender Inequality; Ecology and Society; Climate Change and Disasters; Mixed-methodologies
415-625-3417; cebcannon@ucdavis.edu
Countries of Interest:  California; U.S.; Global South

Ryan E. Galt
Agricultural Sustainability and Society
530-754-8776; regalt@ucdavis.edu
Countries of Interest:  Chile, Costa Rica

James I. Grieshop
Non-formal and extension education; participatory research; leadership; community development
530-752-3008; jigrieshop@ucdavis.edu
Countries of Interest:  Mexico, South America, USA

Luis E. Guarnizo
Transnational migration; economic sociology; immigrant entrepreneurship
530-752-9805; leguarnizo@ucdavis.edu
Countries of Interest:  Colombia, Dominican Republic, El Salvador, and Mexico

Clare Gupta
Translational and interdisciplinary research, alternative food networks and community food systems, food politics and agro-food movements (e.g. local food, food sovereignty), community-based resource management
Countries of Interest: northern Botswana, Pacific

Martin Kenney
digital platforms, high-technology industry, Silicon Valley, venture capital
530 574-5943, mfkenney@ucdavis.edu 
Countries of interest: India, China, Western Europe

William Lacy
Sociology of science, organization and structure of agricultural research and extension (U.S. and international), social psychology of education and outreach, international research and higher education policy and practices
530 752 6964; wblacy@ucdavis.edu
Countries of Interest: Brazil, Chile, China, Japan, Korea, India

Tom Tomich
Agricultural sustainability, sustainable food systems, sustainability metrics and indicators, sustainability sciences - and Director of the Agricultural Sustainability Institute
530-754-2503; tptomich@ucdavis.edu
Countries of Interest: USA

Vikram Koundinya
Program evaluation (outcomes and impact), needs assessments, survey development and administration, focus groups, interviews and participant-observation
530-400-0345; vkoundinya@ucdavis.edu



Faculty Listing and Current Interests

William R. Horwath
Soil fertility and sustainability of managed and natural ecosystems; roles of soil organic matter in global climate change and soil C sequestration; water quality on agricultural landscapes, and microbial-plant-soil interactions using stable isotopes
530-754-6029; wrhorwath@ucdavis.edu
Countries of Interest: South America

Isaya Kisekka
Irrigation and agricultural water management in Africa, advanced precision irrigation management, and green water management.
530-379-9549; ikisekka@ucdavis.edu
Countries of Interest: Sub Saharan Africa, Latin America, Middle East, Southeast Asia, Eastern Europe

Samuel Sandoval Solis
Integrated water resources management, climate smart agriculture, sustainable agriculture
530-750-9722; samsandoval@ucdavis.edu
Countries of Interests: Argentina, Brazil, Chile, China, Costa Rica, Georgia, Iran, Japan, Mexico, Morocco, Panama
Regions of Interest: Central and South America, Central Asia, Eastern Europe, Ring of Fire

Kate M. Scow
Soil microbial ecology; soil fertility management by smallholder farmers
530-752-4632; kmscow@ucdavis.edu
Countries of Interest: Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania, Brazil

Minghua Zhang
GIS database development. Spatial analysis of groundwater leaching and surface water runoff as affected by pesticide applications in agriculture fields using GIS. Integrated solute transport modeling in GIS. Remote sensing satellite and aerial photography applications in precision farming
530-752-4953; mhzhang@ucdavis.edu
Countries of Interest:  China



Liza Grandia
Land grabbing, agrarian reform, biodiversity conservation, corporate and development threats to indigenous peoples; pesticides and hazardous waste; GMOs; the commons
530-752-0357; emgrandia@ucdavis.edu
Countries of Interest:  Guatemala, Belize, and indigenous communities through the Americas



Faculty Listing and Current Interests

Christine Stewart
Long-term effect of malnutrition during pregnancy and early childhood in developing country populations
(530) 752-6697; cpstewart@ucdavis.edu
Countries of interest:  Nepal

Marjorie Haskell
Food-based interventions, maternal and child nutrition
(530) 754-7415; mjhaskell@ucdavis.edu
Countries of interest:  Nepal, Bangladesh, Zambia, and Malawi


Robert L. Gilbertson
Plant pathology: seed pathology; whitefly-transmitted virus; integrated pest management
530-752-3136, 530-752-8321; rlgilbertson@ucdavis.edu
Countries of Interest:  Central America, the Caribbean (Dominican Republic, Costa Rica), and Malawi and Tanzania, Africa



Faculty Listing and Current Interests

Kassim Al-Khatib
Weed physiology and herbicide resistance; and Director - Statewide Integrated Pest Management
530-752-9160; kalkhatib@ucdavis.edu
Countries of Interest: Middle east, north and western Africa, Turkey, and central Asia

Patrick H. Brown
Agronomy; horticulture; biotechnology; plant nutrition
530-752-0929; phbrown@ucdavis.edu
Countries of Interest:  Central America, China, Thailand, and Australia

Carlos Crisosto
Applying postharvest technologies to reduce fruit and nuts postharvest losses; orchard factors on consumer quality and storage potential. Director Fruit and Nut Research and Information Center.
530-752-7549; chcrisosto@ucdavis.edu
Countries of Interest: All

Amanda Crump
Extension Education, Postsecondary Education, Women and Vulnerable Groups, International Agricultural Development, International Program Management and Planning, Monitoring and Evaluation, Integrated Pest Management, Tree Health, Technology Transfer Evaluation
Countries of Interest: Uganda, Zambia, Bangladesh, Guatemala, Honduras, Tanzania and Malawi

Steven Fennimore
Weed control in cool-season vegetables, weed biology, weed seed germination.  Weed Science Program, US Agricultural Research Station, Salinas, California
831-755-2896; safennimore@ucdavis.edu
Countries of interest:

Louise Ferguson
General orchard production, rootstocks, mechanical harvesting, mechanical pruning, salinity tolerance; research work with pistachios, olives, figs, persimmons and citrus
Kearney Research and Extension Center
Director of the Fruit and Nut Information Center
530-752-0507, 559-737-3061; lferguson@ucdavis.edu
Countries of Interest: Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iran, Spain

Amélie C.M Gaudin
Agroecology; agricultural system resilience to extreme weather events and abiotic stress; root ecology.
Countries of Interest:  Peru, Kenya, the Philippines

Paul Gepts
Crop germplasm conservation and utilization; crop evolution; gene flow; genomics; molecular evolution of multigene families
530-752-7743; plgepts@ucdavis.edu
Countries of Interest:  Eastern Africa, and Latin America

Thomas Gradziel
Genetics and breeding of almond peach
530-752-1575; tmgradziel@ucdavis.edu
Countries of Interest:  Central Asia

Timothy K. Hartz
Culture and management of warm season vegetables; soil and plant fertility; crop stand establishment
530-752-1738; tkhartz@ucdavis.edu
Countries of Interest:

James E. Hill
Rice-based cropping systems focusing on production technologies such as direct seeding, weed control, nutrition, residue management, and the relationship of these factors to environmental quality.
Associate Dean – International Programs, College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences
530-754-9600; jehill@ucdavis.edu
Countries of Interest:  Philippines, Vietnam, Thailand, Afghanistan, Egypt

Bruce Linquist
Sustainable cropping systems, carbon and nutrient cycling in agro-ecosystems, croping system management and diversification, and crop management affects on water quality
530-752-3125; balinquist@ucdavis.edu
Countries of Interest:  Asia

David Mackill
Plant breeding and genetics, cacao, rained production systems. Director of Cocoa Genetics & Breeding (Mars, Inc.)
530-752-4940; djmackill@ucdavis.edu
Countries of Interest: Ecuador, Brazil, Cote d’Ivoire, Ghana, Indonesia, Philippines

Elizabeth J. Mitcham
Maintain postharvest quality and shelf-life of fruit and nut crops; non chemical alternatives to control postharvest decays, insects, and to prevent physiological disorders. Director, Postharvest Technology Center, and Associate Director, Horticulture Collaborative Research Support Program.
530-752-7512; ejmitcham@ucdavis.edu
Countries of Interest:

Jeffrey P. Mitchell
Vegetable production; water management; agricultural ecology; crop management impacts on postharvest quality
Kearney Research and Experimental Center, 559-646-6565; jpmitchell@ucdavis.edu

Mark Lundy
Agronomy, sustainable intensification, cropping systems analysis, input use efficiency, integrating technology and data into production practices, disease and pest management.
530-902-7295; melundy@ucdavis.edu

Richard E. Plant
Site-specific crop management and precision agriculture, modeling and statistical analysis of spatial processes
530-752-1705; replant@ucdavis.edu
Countries of Interest:  Vietnam

Dan Potter
Plant systematics and evolution; ethnobotany
530-754-6141; dpotter@ucdavis.edu
Countries of Interest:  Tropical Africa

Daniel Putnam
Alfalfa and forage crops
530-752-8982; dhputnam@ucdavis.edu
Countries of Interest:  Chile, Russia, India, Poland, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, and China

Li Tian
Phytochemical metabolism;  Roles of phytochemicals in crop disease resistance and human nutrition
530-752-0940; ltian@ucdavis.edu
Countries of Interest:  China, Africa


David Kyle
Sociology of Coffee Value Chain, Human Mobility, Creativity, and the Ideology of Talent-ism.
530-752-0782; djkyle@ucdavis.edu
Countries of Interest: Latin America, Nepal, India, China, Vietnam, and Fiji



Faculty Listing and Current Interests

Sharif Aly
Epidemiology of infectious diseases of production animals; study design; statistical and mathematical modeling; diagnostic test evaluation
559-688-1731 ext 240; saly@ucdavis.edu
Countries of interest: Mediterranean countries, North Africa and Middle east

Patricia A. Conrad
Biotechnology; immunology; infectious disease, parasitology (Bovine, canine, equine, and human)
530-752-7210; paconrad@ucdavis.edu
Countries of Interest:  Benin, Costa Rica, Great Britain, Honduras, Kenya, Nigeria, South Africa, and Switzerland

Jonna AK Mazet
Ecology, Epidemiology, One Health, Animal Health, Livelihood Improvement, Community Engagement
530-752-3630; jkmazet@ucdavis.edu
Geographies of Interest:  Global (all continents with specific focus in Latin America, Sub-saharan Africa, South and Southeast Asia)

Maurice Pitesky
Poultry health and production, food safety, epidemiology, GIS
530-752-1215; mepitesky@ucdavis.edu
Geographies of Interest:  Nepal, Latin America, Africa

Tilahun D. Yilma
Veterinary pathology, microbiology, and immunology
530-752-8306; tdyilma@ucdavis.edu




Mark Bell
Vice Provost, UC ANR
530-752-9480; mozbell@ucdavis.edu
Countries of Interest:  Mexico, Philippines






James E. Hill
Rice-based cropping systems focusing on production technologies such as direct seeding, weed control, nutrition, residue management, and the relationship of these factors to environmental quality.
Associate Dean – International Programs, College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences
530-754-9600; jehill@ucdavis.edu
Countries of Interest:  Philippines, Vietnam, Thailand, Afghanistan, Egypt

G. David Miller
Community-based Economic Development, Micro-entrepreneurship, Farmer Savings and credit Schemes, Value-chain Development.
530-754-4424   gdmiller@ucdavis.edu
Countries of Interest:  Africa and the Middle East, S.E. Asia